Yes, You Can Beat Diabetes!

I have successfully treated thousands of patients with diabetes by understanding and identifying the root cause of their problem, and then supporting the patient and their body in overcoming the root cause. This short article will briefly outline the pathology of diabetes, how and why diabetes becomes a problem, and the philosophy of our treatment approach.

In understanding the root cause, we must understand the disease process of diabetes. Simply put, the problem of diabetes is too much sugar in the blood and not enough in the cells. The hormone insulin is responsible for bringing the sugar from the blood into the tissue cells of the body. In the case of diabetes this message function of insulin is weakened. This can occur either because there is too little insulin released by an under-performing pancreas, or because of insulin resistance. In the case of insulin resistance, although there is plenty of insulin in the blood, the tissue cells do not recognize its signal to take the sugar in from the blood.

Eventually, two major complications of diabetes occur. First, the tissue cells starve. Even though there is plenty of sugar in the blood, the sugar is not transported into the cell, and the cells do not have enough energy to function properly. This can lead to ketosis, muscle wasting, loss of consciousness, coma and even death. Secondly, the high sugar concentrations cause sugar molecules to attach to red blood cells in the blood. These red blood cells then become sticky, and attach to one another forming clumps. These clumps then get stuck in the smallest blood vessels – called capillaries – supplying the tissues and organs with blood and nutrients. When the capillaries get blocked, the nutrient supply is cut off, and the organs and tissues downstream from the blockage start to die. Commonly this starts in the distant parts of the fingers and toes and is manifested by tingling or lack of feeling in those areas and can lead to tissue necrosis or death. This blockage of capillaries by red blood cells stuck together can also occur in the kidneys and eyes, leading to kidney failure or blindness.

To prevent these long term consequences, it is important to identify the root causes of the problem and help the body overcome them. The two well known causes of insulin resistance are poor diet, and lack of exercise. However, several other less known but equally significant factors play a role in developing insulin resistance, and include night shift workers, stress (at work or home), food sensitivities and allergies, lack of certain essential nutrients, etc.

It is the goal of Dr Orest’s naturopathic treatment of diabetes to identify these origins of the disease and help the patient and his/her body to overcome them. Our Mississauga naturopathic clinic’s naturopathic treatment for diabetes focuses on improving the pancreas’ ability to produce insulin, improve the insulin sensitivity of tissues, and stopping the stickiness of red blood cells. This is done using a whole systems approach, first by identifying and helping the patient overcome any of the predisposing factors. Then, the patient’s body is strengthened by providing the essential nutrients. Where appropriate, homeopathic and acupuncture techniques are used to stimulate the body’s healing process. This is accomplished using the knowledge gained by Dr. Orest through his clinical research work with the University of Toronto, and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and by applying the experience gained through the many years in clinical practice. The treatments are individualized and specific to each patient, based on their health, lifestyle, and ethnic culture.

Yes you can safely and effectively beat diabetes by strengthening your body’s sugar control mechanisms and by preventing long term complications. Please e-mail or call us at our Mississauga clinic (416-722-9136) with any questions or to book an appointment.

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