Our commitment: to work with the Patient to identify the root cause of their illness and support the body to heal diseases.

The focus of our Naturopathic Family clinic is two-fold:

Children’s Health, Pediatrics, Fertility and Pregnancy

Children react very rapidly to their environments. In our clinic, this makes them a pleasure to treat, as they respond incredibly quickly and effectively to our treatments. However, this also puts them at risk, since a health burden can quickly overwhelm their healing capabilities, developing symptoms such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, irritability, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, and many others. If these symptoms are suppressed or ignored, they will continue to burden the body, and increase the likelihood of future chronic illness and educational difficulties.

The reasons and causes of these symptoms are complex and vary in each individual child. It may be just a lack of a specific vitamin or mineral, or a reaction to or side effect of their medications, but taking the time to identify, understand, and remove the underlying cause of these problems is the strength of naturopathic medicine. We are always amazed at how quickly and easily children recover once the underlying burden is addressed.

Chronic Illness

Over a life time, many adults accumulate various habits and toxins that come to plaque them in later life. These can usually be masked by using medications that decrease the symptoms, and allow the patient to continue their life. However, while the symptoms may be masked for the duration of medication use, as soon as these medications are stopped, the symptoms return. Since the underlying reasons and mechanisms of the illness were not addressed by symptomatic relief medications, the chronic illness will continue to progress, getting worse over time.

The strength of naturopathic medicine is in taking the time, and using the tools and tests necessary to evaluate the processes and underlying reasons for these chronic illnesses. It does take a little more time, and a little more effort to remove the causes, but once they are removed, the body will heal and return to its normal healthy equilibrium. Allowing for symptom and medication free enjoyment of life.

These three areas are the focus of our treatments in the clinic. Each individual patients case is unique and different, and thus it is impossible to fully address in an article such as this. Please feel free to e-mail Dr. Orest directly with your questions and health concern details.