Glutathione is regularly used at our clinic.  It is used by the liver in detoxification of internal and external wastes. Glutathione is also a good immune modulator, thus when combined with its detoxification ability it can be very effective at helping many atopic skin conditions, allergies, and liver problems. It can also be used for the cosmetic purposes of skin lightening. In combination with our diet, exercise, stress and supplement protocols it can be used for conditions such as liver cirrhosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies/sensitivities, skin conditions, weight loss, and others.

Glutathione treatment is done 1 time per week for most conditions, for skin lightening it is done 2 times per week, with mild but noticeable results expected after 4-5 weeks. Thus at 5 weeks (typically after 8-10 treatments) we re-evaluate the treatment’s effectiveness and design the future plan in consultation with the patient. The full duration of the treatment may take 2-4 months for complete results, depending on the patient, their target concerns and genetic variability.

* Please note that you must be a patient of the clinic in order to receive glutathione treatment. An initial 60 minute visit is mandatory and includes a review of medical history, current health status and concerns, and physical exams to ensure the glutathione treatment is appropriate and safe for you. To further ensure safety and effectiveness a blood test ensuring proper kidney and liver function must also be reviewed, and is ordered during the initial visit. There is an additional charge of approximately $50 for this testing (depending on the specific tests ordered, as per the initial visit consultation). Please refer to the appointments page for pricing details. IV treatments are not performed during the initial visit.

The cost of the glutathione treatment ranges from $39-$88 depending on the amount of glutathione used, in addition to the appointment fee (30 minutes: $96). Thus, the typical appointment including the maximum 5 gram dose of glutathione with vitamin C is ($88 for 5 grams of glutathione and vitamin C +$96 visit) =  $184 in total.