EAV Testing

The Avatar machine at our clinic is a form of electrodermal screening that measures bioenergy feedback and identifies energy imbalances that may lead to disease. This non-invasive testing method provides useful diagnostic information regarding organ function, heavy metals, food sensitivities, TCM, energy meridians, and more. The method is based on identifying and assessing the connection between electrical discharges in the skin (galvanic resistance) and the health condition of internal organs.

This method of testing evaluates the energy flow through meridians (or energy channels) that connect organs within the body. If an energy channel is blocked, physiological imbalances result. Cancer cells, pathogens, toxins, and other disease-causing agents can alter the bioenergy levels and may create these obstructions. The frequencies of such external agents (including food items) are introduced into the testing one at a time to determine the extent of baseline energy change, if any. The corresponding electrical characteristics are identified at the skin’s acupuncture points by a galvanometer reading, which is proportional to the degree of energy imbalance or disease in the organ.

The electromagnetic changes are evaluated by a non-invasive electric probe that is pressed against certain acupuncture points along the patient’s hands or feet. Useful information can be revealed regarding which food items the patient is sensitive to (and therefore which ones to avoid), how efficiently their organs are functioning, or the extent to which certain metals are affecting their body.